Becky's Piano Studio This is the first webpage that I created for my wife.
Carolina Funeral Services I re-wrote the HTML code for this site to use CSS instead of all tables. Also this website use to have pictures to display text. I replaced the pictures with actual words. (Except for the logo banner.)
Virtual Computer Assistance For the contact link at the top right section, I use AJAX to check every 15 seconds for my status update. If my status changes it will update the links as needed.
Using PHP and MySQL, I created a way for users to send me text messages, and I would be able to reply with a text message. When I send a message, I use a number before the message so that the message will be received by the correct person. The message gets placed into a database. When the texting webpage checks for new messages, it will delete the messages it receives. When the user sends me a text message, a PHP script sends the message to my cell phone as a short email.
Also I created a way for users to enter their number and then they would get a call. Then my phone will ring. This is provided by Google Voice. I did some recearch online, and found some information about how to customize the Google Voice widget. It requires the use of AJAX and PHP.
Hannah's Paper Jewels This is the design idea I had created for Hannah's webpage. The notebook paper backgound only uses 2 small images for the lines and 3 small images for the holes. I used CSS to have the images repeat as needed.
Hannah's Paper Jewels' current webpage - Hannah's Paper Jewels
Blue Ridge Baptist Church This is a work in progress.
I am currently working on re-writing the code for Blue Ridge Baptist Church's webpage.
For the slideshow, I used an XML file to store details about the events. I then use JavaScript to access the XML file and to change the picture and the information.
Blue Ridge Baptist Church's current webpage - Blue Ridge Baptist Church